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#Forbes - How Will Consumers Benefit From #ConnectedCars?

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After Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Cars is the most used buzzword in the industry. From automobile manufacturers to software vendors to telecom operators to consumer electronic companies, everyone is excited about the connected vehicle phenomenon. With the power of 20 modern PCs, contemporary cars pack more punch than any another computing device. They contain more than 100 million lines of code that can process up to 25GB of data in an hour.

In-Car Content and Services

Connected Cars take the infotainment to the next level by delivering popular content to the passengers. Today, car entertainment is mostly confined to FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. With the availability of high-speed networks, popular streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, and Hulu become available. Consumers will have a huge choice of digital content.

Advanced Navigation

While most of the modern cars are equipped with GPS-based navigation systems, Connected Cars will include smart navigation features integrated with location-based services. For example, your car can prompt you to stop at the next fuel station based on the current fuel levels. It can find the distance to the nearest refilling station and automatically set the destination of your navigation system.

Driver & Passenger Safety

Driver and passenger safety are the key benefits of a Connected Car, which warn the driver of external hazards and internal responses of the vehicle to hazards. The central monitoring system tracks multiple sensors for warning signs and indications related to the health of the car. It can even check external weather conditions and hazardous road conditions to alert the drivers in time.

Fuel and Cost Efficiency

Connected Cars allow the driver to reach a destination quickly, safely, and in a cost-efficient manner. By communicating with the traffic signals and the road infrastructure, a smart car can slow down before reaching a signal. It can even automatically stop and start the car just before the lights turn green. This feature translates to a greater fuel efficiency.

Convenient Payment Models

Mobile payments are already a hit with consumers. Apple Pay and Android Pay enabled consumers to safely and securely transact through their digital wallets. Both Visa and Mastercard are working with automobile companies to bring electronic payments to smart vehicles.

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Last modified on September 12, 2016
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