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RolandBerger Studie: App based dongle solution as shortcut to connectivity #connectedcar #otp #caranea

Posted: November 22, 2016 By: Category: Stephan's Blog Comment: 0 Read: 1753 times
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  • The connected car is currently one of the hot topics in the automotive industry – Increased data transfer capabilities open up limitless potential for new products and services
  • However, while OEMs are developing their highly sophisticated proprietary connectivity packages, other players are coming in with retrofit solutions and continuing to capture the customer interface
  • Network effects create irreversible lock-in of users in connectivity services but OEM solutions are only slowly penetrating the car parc
  • App based dongle solutions offer the best preconditions to quickly establish a connectivity ecosystem with daily relevance for its users based on smartphone integration and coverage of relevant use cases
  • OEMs should accept a dongle based offer as a shortcut to achieving their connectivity ecosystem – Benefit from multibrand mindset and cooperation, rapid car parc penetration and relevant customer base
  • Non-OEM players should foster a shared technical platform as an open industry standard based on cross-industry cooperation to establish applicable use cases and become relevant for their users


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