Best #connectedcar devices 2016 - and why #caranea is better

Posted: September 01, 2016 Comment: 0
Postcapes just published an overview of the best connected car devices based on OBD II. The overview catogorizes the OBD II solutions into customer and fleet solutions. All solutions have a couple of things in common: they can only access the limited OBD II data set provided by the OEM…

#connectedcars can change society - #iot #future #mobility

Posted: Juli 13, 2016 Comment: 0
Nissan has said an IoT-enabled connected car has the ability to transform and deliver unprecedented benefits to society, while Jasper has questioned the billing strategy of data usage in the future vehicle. Meanwhile, Jasper Cisco’s Head of Connected Car Marketing, Mark Thomas, says the connected car has unique IoT requirements,…

Todays #connectedcar solutions doesn't meet customer needs

Posted: Juli 12, 2016 Comment: 0
A third of US consumers want connected car features – but today’s solutions fail to satisfy. The connected car market is developing fast but do consumers actually want the technology? A new report says that in the US at least they do. The analysis by Forrester Research showed that a…

improve #customer #loyalty with #connectedcar technologies

Posted: Juli 11, 2016 Comment: 0
Most of us take part in customer loyalty programs of airlines, large retail chains and hotels, but very few use car dealerships’ loyalty programs. Clients of car dealerships often benefit from such programs even without knowing it, and the programs themselves do not always offer sufficient incentives for clients to…

40 Prozent Umsatzwachstum im #Connectedcar Markt in

Posted: Juli 04, 2016 Comment: 0
Bis dato steckt die Branche der Connected Cars noch in den Kinderschuhen: in diesem Jahre werden knapp über 3 Millionen Connected Cars in Deutschland zu zählen sein. Im Jahre 2020 soll sich laut DMO diese Zahl bereits vervierfacht haben, bis dahin werden 12,4 Millionen intelligente Autos auf Deutschlands Straßen unterwegs…

SEA Market for #connectedcar will grow by 34% per year

Posted: Juli 04, 2016 Comment: 0
About the Connected Car M2M Connections and Services Market in SEA Connected cars enables drivers to connect with online platforms and obtain real-time communication such as real-time traffic updates during travel. The connected car market has been fueled by factors such as rising demand for constant connectivity, increased dependency on…

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