frankfurt #accelerator not only for #fintech #startups

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Frankfurt starts its own accelerator program for startups. Focus are international startups passed the idea stage with at least one founder with a strong technical background. The program will coach startups in Frankfurt for about 4 months, office space will be provided but no financial support. The goal is to make the startups investment ready and ends in a demo day in Jan 2017. Application deadline is 19th of Sep 2016.

Insurers have five years to adapt to self-driving cars - #UBI #Google #connectedcar #selfdrivingcar

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The self driving car will disrupt the whole car insurance market. In the upcoming next five years, the insurance companies have time to adaopt to this new market states Paul Kovacs, President and CEO of Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation. In 2025 autonomous and semi-autonomous cars will be widley available to customers and a dramatically decrease of accidents will occur. Insurer have to develop new products and business models for the mobility of the future.

Nachfrage von #connectedcar services bei Dienstwagen heute höher als bei Privatwagen

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Eine aktuelle Studie von LSP Digital zeigt, dass die Nachfrage nach Connected Car Services im Dienstwagen höher sind als bei Privatwagen. Der Einstieg von Startups im Bereich der Connected Car Services sollte über Fuhrparks und Dienstwagenfahrer erfolgen, um neue und innovative Geschäftsmodelle marktfähig zu machen. Die Use Cases im Fuhrpark sind deutlich mehr kostengetrieben im Vergleich zum emotional aufgeladenen Privatkundensektor. Startups und Entrepreneure die im Wachstumsmarkt Connected Car eigene Services anbieten wollen, können auf der caranea Technologie schnell und einfach neue Anwendungen entwickeln und beim Kunden ausprobieren.

Mehr Statistiken finden Sie bei Statista

Disrupting The Auto Industry: The #Startups That Are Unbundling The Car

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The car manufacturer are under attack! Startups from all over the world are unbundling the automobile. CB Insight did a research about which startup disrupt a certain area. But CB Insights are missing European Startups working also hard on the mobility of the future. Startups like #caranea need more support if Europe or especially Germany wants to stay worldwide leader in the automotive sector!

380 million #connectedcar in 2021, adoption of consumer faster than expected

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The Business Insider raised its forecast for the connected car from 2015 now up to 380 million cars. Not only the automakers will connect the car, more and more tech companies like caranea will play a major role in the future car market. Maybe tech companies will be manufacturing cars. So don't expect the automakers to build the future connected car. Consumers are adopting the connected car faster than expected, retrofit solutions will gain a huge market share. Learn more about consumer interest in the connected car on

The rise of APIs #openplatform #caranea #connectedcar @mmurph

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Matt and Steve describe in their article the power of third party APIs. The dynamic of the SaaS industry wouldn't be possible without open APIs. SME can easily develop new services based on those APIs. This process has just started in nearly all sectors, the car industry isn't or only slowly adopting this trend of Open APIs. caranea offers an Open API for the car like Apple for their IPhone. Build faster and more reliable Apps for the connected car with caranea.

The Top Five Trends For The Connected Car In 2016 -

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Mahbubul Alam (CTO of Movimento) identifies the five top trends for the connected car:

  1. It’s All About Personalization

  2. The Birth Of Algorithm-based Everything

  3. Ethernet Reaches The Car

  4. The Car Will Retort

  5. Safety First — Security Will Be Big

With the caranea technology it is possible to enable existing cars to those 5 trends, because caranea is the gateway for the car to the internet and back. caranea can extract real time car data to personalize the car and is the data feed for the algorithm-based everything. We are an CAN 2 Ethernet Interface and offer an easy webservice to the car data, so we can also offer OTA for the car. Our security concept will help to prevent the car from attacks from the internet. Learn more about caranea!

the future of the car insurance - how #automous driving will #disrupt the insurance industry #UBI

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A very interesting article about the future of the car insurance when autonomous driving will be reality. While especially the German insurance industry is hassling with the connected car, the next trend will overwhelm the car insurance. The old economy cannot keep up with the speed of the new technologies and startups launching new products. If they cannot speed up and change the mind from only managing their portofolio into creating new business models, the next dying of a whole industry will happen.

Conrad startet Online-Dienst für das Internet der Dinge - #IOT

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Einen sehr interessanten Ansatz einer regebasierten Vernetzung von Gegenständen im #IoT bietet Connrad Elektronik mit seiner neuen Plattform Conrad Connect. Es bindet Sensoren und Aktoren verschiedener Hersteller wie Fitbit, Myfox, Netatmo, Osram oder Withings ein. Diese können auf einer inntuitiven Oberfläche im Netz angeschlossen und untereinander verbunden werden. Einfache Wenn/Dann Regeln bauen dann die Logik auf, die der Kunde sich selber zusammenstellen kann. Die Anwendung ist rein webbasiert, sodass vom PC über Tablet und Smartphone alle Endgeräte zur Steuerung genutzt werden können. Der Dienst steht als Beta Version bei Conrad unter zur Verfügung und ist kostenfrei.

#Save Up to 30% by Using #Telematic in Your #Carfleet - #ROI in less than 6 months

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Running a carfleet is very cost intensive, it#s not just the obvious costs like leasing rates, insurance and fuel, it is much more. The costs for operating a small car in a fleet add up to 3.885 EUR per year. These costs contain for example fleet management, maintenance, tires, insurance, oil and much more. All these costs could be reduced by using telematic in your car fleet by at least 30%. Based on the open hardware platform by caranea fleet management providers or insurance companies can build reliable services for their fleet customers. They share the costs by using one platform but own the customership. The convenience for the fleet manager increases by using one platform while the costs for buying and installing the hardware sink. Most of the use cases have a ROI of less than 6 months. Get in touch with us to learn more on modern fleet management.

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