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Open and flexible platform for the connected car manufacturer independent and open for all kinds of application

100% CAN Communication

fast and reliable car communication via can bus with OBD II, KWP2000, TP2.0 und UDS

100% Smartphone

supports all smartphones, tablets and mobile computer

100% Configurable

free configurable memory for real time car data 

100% Wi-Fi

simple and flexible communication via Wi-Fi and restful webservice

Modern and flexible development of connected car apps

Core features caranea technical details of the development platform


Our caranea adapter has a 1GHz Dual core ARM A9 cpu and 1 GB RAM. It gives you enough ressources to build powerful connected car apps.



Our caranea adapter has a build in Wi-Fi Modul to access the data. Our carane advanced software offers access to the car data via a restful webservice.


GPS & Motion Sensors

Out caranea Basic Module has two additonal sensors: GPS and Motionsensor. You can use those data to enrich the car data.


Realtime Clock

Our Basic Module has a build in RTC with battery to be independent from third party data. Add a timestamp to each datapoint from the car.


12V Powersupport

Our Basic Module works with 12V power from the car. It also empowers the SOM Module so you can run the device in the car without any additional powersupply.



Our caranea Basic Module offers one can controller to comunicate with the car. You can send easly signals to the car with LINUX drivers or you use the caranea advanced software with the following protocols implemented: OBD, KWP2000, UDS, TP2.0 


We work hard each day to deliver you the best products and support caranea - we connect your car

Stephan Kaufmann

Founder and Car Enthusiast

Guido Renneberg


Marketing and Sales-Specialist für Embedded Computing


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