OBD Adapter

With the caranea OBD adapter we offer you a running solution that you can connect directly to a vehicle via the OBD 2 interface. On the adapter you find a LINUX, so you have working telematic unit immediately. Now you can use the standard LINUX drivers and existing software  or you use our caranea Advanced Software to do so. You can connect directly to the integrated Wi-Fi module. The whole adapter comes in a transparent plexiglass case.

The caranea OBD adapter consists of the following modules:

  • caranea Basic modules with soldered OBD 2 socket
  • SOM modules SOM i2eX of SolidRun with Wi-Fi and heatsink
  • Transparent plexiglass case with recess
  • SD card with struck up Linux Distribution
  • Dimensions (approx): 7.5 / 6.7 / 4 (L / W / H) in cm

Note: The caranea OBD Adapter is a development board for Eigent responsible development of applications. The adapter has neither a street legal nor a CE examination. 

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