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How to define the OBD II data set

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In this tutorial we will show you how the caranea adapter handles the OBD II dataset and how you can play with it.

The caranea advanced software is very flexible and each data point must be configured. For OBD II there is a standard configuration file which defines each OBD II data point.


  • 12 V power supply either by a normal car with an OBD II connector, a 12V power supply or an OBD II Simulator
  • A caranea adapter either an OBD caranea adapter or a SUB-D caranea adapter
  • A Wi-Fi enabled device like a Smartphone or a Computer

So let's start and see how easy it easy to use the caranea technology

Power up your caranea Adapter with a 12V power device as you learned in the tutorial "How to connect to the caranea adapter".

OBD II default configuration:

The software comes with default configuration, which allows you to read out data instantly from the car. The file is called "obd-default.conf" and is in the same directory like the software.


Pls be carefully, don't delete the file or change the name! Otherwise the software cannot read the OBD II Data anymore. The default configuration comes with a set of OBD II data, which can extend easily. You just have to add another entry in the obd-default.conf and restart the caranea adapter.

	"configuration-name": "obd-default",
	"configuration": [{
		"identifier": "OBD-Temp_Env",
		"interface": "can-highspeed",
		"protocol": "obd",
		"mode": "0x01",
		"pid": "0x46",
		"values": "1",
		"datatype": "int16_type",
		"coefficients": [
			["1", "-40"]
	}, {
		"identifier": "speed",
		"interface": "can-highspeed",
		"protocol": "obd",
		"mode": "0x01",
		"pid": "0x0d",
		"values": "1",
		"datatype": "uint8_type",
		"coefficients": [
			["1", "0"]

See the documentation which OBD II parameters are available from the beginning.

Read OBD II from the adapter:

We showed you in the tutorial "How to read OBD II Data from caranea adapter" how easy it is, to read out data from the caranea adapter. Now you can add more OBD II parameters and you can read out any OBD II data by calling its identifier over the webservice like this:

 Or you can use the identifier in your app configuration.

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