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How to connect to the caranea Adapter

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In this tutorial we want to show how easy it is to connect to the caranea adapter.


You will need the following to connect to the caranea adapter:

  • 12 V power supply either by a normal car with an OBD II connector, a 12V power supply or an OBD II Simulator
  • A caranea adapter either an OBD caranea adapter or a SUB-D caranea adapter
  • A Wi-Fi enabled device like a Smartphone or a Computer

So let's start and see how easy it easy to use the caranea technology

1. Power up the device

Power up your caranea Adapter with a 12V power device. You can use your car or a OBD II simulator. You also might use a special 12V power supply but we recommend for development a OBD II simulator. In the next steps, we will use a OBD II simulator to power up our adapter. After about 3-4 seconds you will find a new Wi-Fi hotspot you can connect to. You powered up the device succesfully, congrats!

2. Connect to your Device

You will find the SSID and password of your adapter in the short description. Our adapter is called OTPADP000014. After connecting to the caranea adapter you receive an IP adreds in the range from - The adapter itself can now be reached under Now you are done with connecting your device, wasn't it easy?

3. Read out data 1st time

Now we want to make sure, that the adapter is working and we can get data from it. Start with the follwoing request: and you shoul get an answer like this:

    "id": "151271130005",
    "os": "Debian GNU\/Linux",
    "osvers": "8",
    "machine": "arm",
    "datetime_build": "2016-04-02T21:30:00.000+00:00",
    "ssid": "OTPADP00014",
    "wlan_password": "1234567890",

If you receive the same answer in your browser after powering up and connecting, your caranea adapter is up and running!



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